Mohit Daga MEM'12

Mohit Daga Hometown: New Delhi, India

Previous Degree: B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science

About Me: "A lot of travel during my young age imbued me with a sense of wanderlust; Dartmouth was the next stop in my journey to experience new things. Being very inquisitive by nature, I'm always up for an adventure and yearn for challenges everywhere. I like getting to know people with different backgrounds and enjoy making new friends. I have often been called a 'sports enthusiast' — I like to stay fit by playing any and every kind of sport, and there is hardly any sport I don't follow."

Why I Chose the M.E.M.: "It was during my junior year that I began thinking of an education beyond the traditional engineering route; I began to realize the importance of business acumen in applying engineering-type knowledge. Even though I enjoyed the analytical and demanding problem-solving curriculum of engineering, I wanted to expand my skills beyond those that pertained only to my major. The M.E.M. was the program that offered such a possibility as it didn't lead me away from engineering and provided the opportunity to learn an entirely new set of business skills. The core courses help develop a base for basic business concepts and the electives facilitate getting in-depth into particular fields of choice. The best part about the M.E.M. is its flexibility: it could be easily customized to focus on any field of interest, be it marketing, consulting or finance, to name some popular ones. It also gives the perfect opportunity to interact and work together with fellow students and faculty from both Thayer and Tuck School of Business. These are reasons I choose the M.E.M. program over a traditional technical master's degree."