Chris Bilger MEM'13

Chris Bilger Hometown: Los Altos Hills, CA

Previous Degrees: A.B. and B.E. in Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College

About Me: "I am constantly challenging myself to be successful in my academic and extra curricular endeavors. During my time at Dartmouth I have developed a very tight-knit family in my sorority as well as at Thayer; these dynamic, fun people have supported me and make me a better person. I love rock climbing, playing field hockey, SCUBA diving, snowshoeing, and watching football."

Why I Chose the M.E.M.: "Ever since I first heard about the M.E.M. program in my freshman year, I wanted to be part of it. Growing up with an engineering father and business mother, I was already informally trained in these directions, but at Dartmouth, the M.E.M. program has given me the opportunity to pursue coursework in economics and business as well as engineering. It's enormously practical to combine engineering and business, and it opens up almost any job imaginable. On the engineering side, you create innovative solutions to solve complex problems; on the business side you implement those solutions in practical and feasible ways that maximize the potential for helping people."