Charnice Barbour MEM'12

Charnice Barbour Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Previous Degrees: A.B. in Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College; A.B. in International Studies, Dartmouth College

About Me: "Born and raised in a city, I found Hanover to be a pleasant change. Having the outdoors literally in your backyard gave me the chance to explore new activities such as skiing and hiking. I have always been a person that loves to experience new and exciting opportunities and Dartmouth has allowed me to take full advantage of that. During my time at Dartmouth I supplemented my engineering background with thrilling adventures ranging from climbing active volcanoes in Italy to playing with tigers in Thailand to performing in front of thousands of people."

Why I Chose the M.E.M.: "I was always into math and science, but I knew that I wanted something more than just a technical background. My undergraduate degree was focused in biomedical engineering, but I eventually started becoming more interested in the healthcare industry as a whole. After looking into the courses offered at Thayer and Tuck School of Business for the M.E.M. program, I knew that this was the right fit. I believe that completing this program will be beneficial to any engineers looking to expand their skill set."