FAQs about the M.E.M. Program

How long does the M.E.M. program take to complete?

A typical M.E.M. student will complete the M.E.M. program in 15 months. Students begin the program in the fall term and take classes through spring term. Students then complete an internship off campus during the summer and return to campus for one final term, completing the degree in December.

Can a student begin the M.E.M. program in the Winter or Spring term?

The M.E.M. curriculum requires students to complete courses in a specific order. For students outside Dartmouth's B.E. program, this requires student to begin their M.E.M. studies only in a fall term.

Is the M.E.M. a joint degree between Dartmouth’s engineering and business schools?

The M.E.M. is not a joint degree between Thayer School of Engineering and Tuck School of Business; it is an engineering degree offered in close collaboration with the business school. Admission, financial aid, and graduation are decisions made exclusively in Thayer School of Engineering. Of the 10 required courses, 5 are taught by Tuck School professors, and half of the elective courses may be taken at Tuck School.

How easily do M.E.M. students find internships and employment after graduation?

For the last several years, 100% of students had secured a summer internship before the end of the spring quarter. Within 6 months of graduation (time when statistics are compiled), 96% of M.E.M. graduates have full-time employment. Thayer School's Career Services office provides career information, networking resources, and other services to assist students and graduates in securing internships and employment. Dartmouth College is also renowned for its strong network of alumni.

Does the M.E.M. program accept the GRE or GMAT scores?

The M.E.M. program requires all applicants to submit GRE scores. We do not accept GMAT scores as a substitute.

Are international students required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores?

All applicants whose native language is not English, and who have not attended a US college or university for at least one year, must submit a score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

What are the minimum test score requirements?

Because all components of an application are taken into consideration, Thayer School has no minimum requirements for test scores.

What are the average test scores for the entering classes?

Thayer School does not publish its admission statistics.

What are the institutional codes used to report GRE and TOEFL scores?

The E.T.S. code number for Thayer School of Engineering is 3360 for both GRE and TOEFL scores. Thayer School does not have departments so it is NOT necessary to include a departmental code.

Is financial aid available for M.E.M. students?

Need-based financial aid is available to all full time students (international and domestic) as a partial tuition scholarship, and this can lower tuition cost by up to 40%. In addition, students may seek part-time work in the form of teaching assistantships. Finally, a few merit-based fellowships are available on a competitive basis.

Are there TA positions available?

Teaching assistantships may be available to qualified students. A teaching assistantship is paid hourly in return for supervising labs, holding problem sessions, and grading student work. Assignments are made on a term-by-term basis, based on class enrollments and faculty selections. Other limited hourly employment is also available to qualified students, such as contributing to the management of the Thayer Machine Shop. Before the start of each term, interested students should complete a form noting their qualifications and interest in serving as a teaching assistant.

Hourly rates depend on the nature of the work and the student's ability. Limitations on the number of hours worked, established by the faculty member in charge, are normally no more than 12 hours per week during academic terms and 40 hours per week between terms and during off-terms. Hourly employment may not exceed a total of 40 hours per week from any and all College sources.

Can students apply who do not have an engineering background?

The M.E.M. program is designed for students with an ABET-accredited* (or international equivalent) engineering degree. Students who majored in a science (physics, chemistry, computer science) can be admitted, but may be required to take additional engineering courses during their M.E.M. program.

How many recommendation letters does an applicant need to submit?

All applicants must submit at least three recommendations.

Are applicants required to have prior full time work experience?

No. The M.E.M. program accepts students with no previous full time work experience. Depending on the year, between 25% and 50% of M.E.M. students have full time work experience. Most students who apply have experience interning for companies during their summer breaks.

Does the M.E.M. program require a thesis?

The M.E.M. program is a professional degree program and therefore does not have a required research-based thesis. The summer internship project requires a written report and an oral presentation that act as the capstone for the degree.

Can the internship be completed before entering the M.E.M. program?

No. The M.E.M. internship is the capstone experience for the M.E.M. program. Students are expected to apply some or all of the skills learned during the first year of M.E.M. study to their internship.

Does Dartmouth provide internships to the students?

There are many resources available to help students secure a summer internship, but the final responsibility resides with the student to find his or her desired internship.

How many electives are M.E.M. students allowed to take?

The typical M.E.M. program has four electives. One elective must be an engineering management elective (selected from a list of six courses). The remaining three electives can be taken at any of Dartmouth's 3 graduate schools and Vermont Law School.

* Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org