Tentative Summer 2016 Class Schedule

These courses are currently planned for Summer Term 2016. Courses, instructors, and times are subject to change.

See Dartmouth's weekly schedule diagram for details about class times.

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGS 3 Materials: The Substance of Civilization
(limited to 50 students)
Lasky 10A, 2A
ENGS 10 The Science and Engineering of Digital Imaging
(limited to 75 students)
Cybenko 10
ENGS 15 Undergraduate Investigations in Engineering   Arrange
ENGS 19 Microchips in Everyday Life Scherer 10A
ENGS 22 Systems
(limited to 50 students)
Trembly 10, Lab
ENGS 25 Introduction to Thermodynamics
(limited to 60 students)
Chen 11
ENGS 31 Digital Electronics
(limited to 60 students)
(cross-listed with COSC 56)
Hansen 9L, Lab
ENGS 33 Solid Mechanics Frost 12, Lab
ENGS 84 Reading Course   Arrange
ENGS 85 Special Topics   Arrange
ENGS 86 Independent Project   Arrange
ENGS 87 Undergraduate Investigations   Arrange
ENGS 88 Honors Thesis   Arrange
ENGG 194 Ph.D. Oral Qualifier
(for Ph.D. students)
ENGG 296 Graduate Research 1
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 297 Graduate Research 2
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 298 Graduate Research 3
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 300 Enterprise Experience Project
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
Fossum Arrange
ENGG 390 MEM Project
(for M.E.M. students)
Cushman-Roisin Arrange