Tentative Winter 2015 Class Schedule

These courses are currently planned for Winter Term 2015. Courses, instructors, and times are subject to change.

See Dartmouth's weekly schedule diagram for details about class times.

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGS 1 Everyday Technology
(limited to 50 students)
Lasky 11, Lab
ENGS 2 Integrated Design: Engineering, Architecture, and Building Technology
(limited to 50 students)
May, Wilson 12
ENGS 7 Climate Change
(limited to 16 students)
Albert 10
ENGS 12 Design Thinking
(limited to 20 students)
Robbie 10A
ENGS 14 The Science and Engineering of Music
(limited to 50 students)
Hartov 12
ENGS 15 Undergraduate Investigations in Engineering   Arrange
ENGS 16 Biomedical Engineering for Global Health
(limited to 40 students)
Pogue, Elliot 2A
ENGS 18 System Dynamics in Policy Design and Analysis Peterson 2A
ENGS 20 Introduction to Scientific Computing
(limited to 50 students)
Shepherd 10
ENGS 21 Introduction to Engineering
(limited to 64 students)
Collier 10A
ENGS 22 Systems
(limited to 50 students)
Zhang 9L, Lab
ENGS 23 Distributed Systems and Fields Hansen 9L
ENGS 24 Science of Materials
(limited to 60 students)
Frost, Levey 10, Lab
ENGS 32 Electronics: Introduction to Linear and Digital Circuits
(cross-listed with PHYS 48)
Odame 11, Lab
ENGS 33 Solid Mechanics Van Citters 12, Lab
ENGS 34 Fluid Dynamics Epps 9L, Lab
ENGS 52 Introduction to Operations Research Santos 10A
ENGS 60 Introduction to Solid-State Electronic Devices Fossum 10A, Lab
ENGS 62 Microprocessors in Engineered Systems
(limited to 30 students)
Taylor 2A, Lab
ENGS 65 Engineering Software Design Santos 3B
ENGS 66 Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science
(cross-listed with COSC 30; see also MATH 19)
Jayanti 11
ENGS 68 Introduction to Communication Systems Testorf 2
ENGS 69 Smartphone Programming
(limited to 60 students)
(cross-listed with COSC 65 and COSC 165)
Campbell 11
ENGS 75 Product Design
(limited to 20 students)
Robbie, Collier 2A
ENGS 84 Reading Course   Arrange
ENGS 85 Special Topics   Arrange
ENGS 86 Independent Project   Arrange
ENGS 87 Undergraduate Investigations   Arrange
ENGS 88 Honors Thesis   Arrange
ENGS 90 Engineering Design Methodology and Project Completion Lotko, Halter Arrange
ENGS 93 Statistical Methods in Engineering Vaze 11
ENGS 120 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Garmire 9L
ENGS 132 Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Condensed Phases Schulson 11
ENGS 133 Methods of Materials Characterization
(cross-listed with PHYS 128 and CHEM 137)
Baker 10
ENGS 134 Nanotechnology Liu 10A
ENGS 142 Intermediate Solid Mechanics Petrenko 10
ENGG 148 Structural Mechanics Phan 10A
ENGS 152 Magnetohydrodynamics
(cross-listed with PHYS 115)
Lotko 2A
ENGS 157 Chemical Process Design Laser 11
ENGS 161 Microbial Physiology and Metabolic Engineering Lynd Arrange
ENGS 163 Protein Engineering Ackerman 3B
ENGS 170 Neuroengineering Diamond 2A
ENGS 171 Industrial Ecology Wegst 10
ENGS 172 Climate Change and Engineering Albert Arrange
ENGG 173 Energy Utilization Sullivan 10A
ENGM 179 Accounting Sansing, Stocken Mon, Tues 8:30-10:00am
ENGM 186 Technology Project Management March Wed, Thurs 1:15-2:45pm
ENGG 194 Ph.D. Oral Qualifier
(for Ph.D. students)
ENGG 196 Seminar on Applied Science and Technology
(for Ph.D. students)
Pogue Arrange
ENGG 197 Ph.D. Professional Workshops
(for Ph.D. students)
Pogue Arrange
ENGG 198 Research-In-Progress Workshop
(for Ph.D. students)
Pogue Arrange
ENGG 296 Graduate Research 1
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 297 Graduate Research 2
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 298 Graduate Research 3
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 300 Enterprise Experience Project
(for M.S. & Ph.D. students)
ENGG 321 Introduction to Innovation
(for Ph.D. students)
Fossum Arrange
ENGG 390 M.E.M. Project
(for M.E.M. students)
Cushman-Roisin, March Arrange