User Support Analyst

You: An inspired IT support professional who wants to help improve higher education, one educational success at a time. A seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic newcomer to the field.
Us: Thayer School of Engineering IT Department; so collaborative that we built this job description together.

What we do

Provide crazy good technology service and support:

Help shape the future of teaching by empowering our community to use technology in innovative and creative ways.

Thayer School has a unique multidisciplinary approach to engineering education and our IT philosophy reflects this. Rather than just being back-room “crank turners”, our entire Computing Services team interacts extensively with faculty, students, staff, and researchers. We go out of our way to spend time with our users, deliberately encouraging community members (often with cookies) to ask questions, explain their needs, and brainstorm solutions with us.

We cheerfully work hard to solve problems, implement solutions, and allow Thayer School to make the fullest use of computing technology. We are committed and love a challenge.

How we do it

What we expect, and what you can expect

Work environment


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